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What is sprocket

Sprocket is a kind of wheel with cogged chain teeth, which is used to mesh with blocks with accurate pitch on chain link or cable. Sprocket is widely used in chemical industry, textile machinery, escalator, wood processing, three-dimensional garage, agricultural machinery, food processing, instrumentation, petroleum and other industries of mechanical transmission.


Structural Design

The tooth profile of sprocket must ensure that the chain can enter and exit the meshing smoothly, reduce the impact and contact stress of the chain link as much as possible, and be easy to process.

Sprocket material should ensure that the teeth have enough strength and wear resistance, so the sprocket tooth surface is generally heat treated to achieve a certain hardness.

chain and sprocket

sprocket Gold

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  • The tightness should be appropriate
  • There is no swing and skew in the installation
  • At the same time, replace with a new sprocket
  • Remove the link, but it must be even
  • Add lubricating oil in time
  • The old sprocket cannot be mixed with some new ones
  • Kerosene or diesel oil cleaning




Usage Method

As a new gear product, the transmission speed of sprocket is high. In its specific application process, because of the advantage of high speed, the noise is very small, which is also conducive to achieve a good processing environment. Sprocket in its application, not only the installation accuracy is relatively high, but also the machining accuracy is very ideal, which can save a lot of trouble for future maintenance work. Moreover, the advantages of compact sprocket structure make it have larger transmission ratio, and its service life is also relatively high.

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Sprocket Wear

“Wear analysis:Scraper conveyor is a kind of continuous transport equipment which uses the moving scraper chain to transport bulk materials. Sgb-520 / 22 scraper conveyor is mainly used for the transportation of medium and low thick coal seam economic common mining face. The sprocket used in the sprocket wear analysis is a common traction sprocket, which has a large sliding motion at the meshing point, and has severe wear due to poor working conditions.

“Wear reason: the greater the adhesive wear load, the higher the surface temperature, the more serious the adhesive phenomenon. For a certain hardness of metal materials, wear tests are carried out under different pressures, and the relationship between wear rate and pressure is obtained. When the pressure reaches more than 1 / 3 of the material hardness, serious wear will occur.”

“Contact fatigue wear: the friction pair of chain wheel and chain is alternating contact stress, which is easy to form fatigue pitting on its friction surface. The index to judge the metal contact fatigue strength is the contact fatigue limit, which is the maximum stress without pitting under a certain number of stress cycles.”

“Abrasive wear: due to the inevitable contact between the chain and pulverized coal, a little pulverized coal is stuck on the chain, which is brought to the contact point of the chain socket of the sprocket. The pulverized coal contains a little hard sand, which will cause the material on the surface of the sprocket to fall off during the friction process, which is called abrasive wear.”

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